Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor, walls, windows.

Leaky Pipe - Water Restoration - All Dry!

Leaky Pipe - Water Restoration with Tear Out - SERVPRO of North Fort Worth crew members extracted the standing water, and removed the ruined baseboards, drywall, and insulation. Then they placed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the wet wood framing. 

Water puddle on floor with window reflection.

Leaky pipe - Water Damage

In this photo, water is pooled up on the hard floor and soaking up into the baseboards, drywall, and insulation. The team at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth was called in to mitigate the damage and restore the structure.

Air mover fans, concrete floor, interior.

Category 2 Water Restoration - Equipment at Work

This photo was taken during a water mitigation and drying project. Two air movers have been placed in this room to assist in drawing water out of the affected wood materials.

Front door, entryway, interior room.

Water Restoration - Post Mitigation

After photos are an important part of documenting our projects. We use the term Post Mitigation to identify photos that are captured after the materials are dry to goal and the drying equipment is removed from the structure.

Interior room, air movers, dehumidifier, equipment on floor.

Water Mitigation

Photo documentation of the job process is important on every type of service we offer. The front entry in this photo of a water damage project has a dehumidifier and three air movers to dry the wet materials.

Front door, entry, interior room with water on the floor.

Water Leak - Before Mitigation

Our before pictures, called Pre-Mitigation photos, show the condition of the rooms before any work has begun. In this photo, there is standing water on the floor in the entryway. 

Interior room with Demolition of walls.

Water Restoration Demolition

Certain types of water, mold, and fire damage projects require demolition and tear-out of the affected walls or other materials. We carefully document the reason for removing the materials, and take photos throughout the process.