Fire Damage Photo Gallery

image of chair with half dirty and half clean

Furniture Cleaning at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth

When a fire damages a home, it leaves soot and smoke damage on everything. At SERVPRO of North Fort Worth, our team will clean and deodorize your home and your furniture to remove the soot and the smoke odor. This photo of a chair is an example of cleaning soot from upholstered furniture.

image of boxes and furniture in storage

Fire Projects - Cleaning and Storage of Personal Property

After fire or smoke causes damage to a home, one part of the project is cleaning and storage of the personal property, also called contents. This photo shows a section of the contents storage warehouse at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth. Customer's personal property is cleaned, packed, and stored until they are ready for it to be returned to their home.

image containing indoor kitchen dirty

Fire Damage in a Kitchen in Fort Worth, TX

When fire, smoke, and soot damage your home, the restoration process must be specific for each type of materials affected. This photo of a kitchen shows corrosion of the stainless steel sink, as well as damaged tile, cabinets, and countertop. Our team at SERVPRO of North Fort Worth will treat your belongings and every part of your home with care.

image containing indoor ceiling fire damage

Fire Restoration Project in Fort Worth, TX

Sometimes in a fire restoration project, our job process includes cleaning the wall and ceiling surfaces to prepare for new paint. But in other losses, the drywall is damaged to the point that it must be removed and replaced. This photo shows wall and ceiling drywall that was affected by extreme heat during the fire and it is not salvageable. 

image containing indoor cabinets with damaged paint

Significant Fire Damage Project

When evaluating a fire damaged home or business, our team listens carefully to the details of the loss and creates a custom plan for the restoration project. In this house, heat from the fire caused the paint on the cabinets to bubble. SERVPRO of North Fort Worth is your resource for fire restoration projects.

image containing indoor attic machine

Soot and Smoke Odor Project in Fort Worth, TX

In this project, a fire started in the HVAC system in the attic. Smoke and soot traveled through the ducting and out of the vents into all the rooms. Light soot settled on the contents and surfaces, and a strong electrical fire odor lingered in the air. Call SERPVRO of North Fort Worth for residential or commercial soot cleaning and smoke odor deodorization.